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Introducing Christina Ward

Christina Ward is a writer, blogger, poet, and author. She is a poetry educator and editor. Christina has been writing poetry for over 30 years. She considers it a great honour when poetry chooses her to speak their stories.

Christina writes free verse and form poetry on a variety of topics. Her work is infused with nature themes, imagery, whimsical characters, deep emotional life experiences, and environmental issues. She is the owner/operator of Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry which has a website, a Medium publication, and a presence across multiple social media platforms.

Christina is a columnist for the Observer News Enterprise newspaper. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Catawba College in Environmental Science, which greatly influences her work. She also studied creative writing and English at Catawba. Her poetry has been published in the Cameo literary magazine, the Arrowhead literary magazine, Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine, and in Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine. She lives in rural North Carolina with her family. Christina was the recipient of the Creative Writing  Prose Award at Catawba College for a short piece entitled “Clarity.”

Her first novel, “Elephant Song,” a work of mainstream literary fiction is in the first edit process.  Expect deep character development, underlying nature themes, lyrical style, and a gripping storyline.  Sign up here for updates on its release.

Christina’s first collection of poetry is available on Amazon. Purchase: Organic: The work is receiving 5-star ratings and flattering reviews. She plans to enter the book into poetry book contests.

Christina is also the creator and the admin for a Facebook group of poets who write on the Medium platform. The group is called Poets on Medium or POM.

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Poems by Christina:

Excavating a Poem

A World Without Butterflies
The Poet Cleaning
For the Eyes of God and Birds (with audio)
The skin I am In
On Dappling Pond
The Indoctrination of Trees
The Vantage Point of Stars

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