Poetry Newsletter

Introducing Sylvia Clare

Sylvia is a beekeeper, cold water sea swimmer, gardener and self-sufficiency advocate, eat local advocate, writer/essayist/ poet, mindfulness teacher, grandmother and mother, dancer - She took up classical ballet lessons 18 months ago and loves it - she hopes her teacher will put on an additional class each week so she can go twice weekly.

She is also a vegetarian working on veganism, but she does still has to have some meat occasionally or her chronic fatigue muscular pains come back and she hasn’t been able to find the supplement to stop them – yet. Sylvia is also mental health and ADHD cognitive neurodiversity advocate ( she has PTSD from her own childhood)

Sylvia considers herself spiritually a Buddhist Quaker with strong shamanic underpinning, pacifist, inclusive, eco-friendly social equality politics activist.

Sylvia likes to write poetry that is accessible and reflects her views on the world. She likes poets like Rumi where there is teaching contained within them.

Sylvia was once told she reminded someone of Mary Oliver. She had never heard of her as she is not popular in the UK, but when she found her she became one of her favourite poets. She introduces her to many of my English poet friends. She can see how similar in themes and style they are, although she does not try to emulate her.

Her other poet inspirations are John Clare who wrote poetry against the changes to the natural world in his time – early 1800’s. More modern British poets include TS Eliot, and Sylvia Plath, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell and Dylan – “their lyrics are also poetry after all- actually, the list is endless.”

Her favourite personal poems often centre around her husband, who is her soulmate and spiritual co-traveller. They are both still astonished at how deep and rich and wonderful their relationship has turned out to be after 23 years together and being a second marriage for them both.

Sylvia had a traumatic abusive childhood and writes about that too. She is currently finishing her second draft of her memoir which also has strong suggestions and implications for how our culture get so much wrong for the emotional wellbeing of the people. She hopes to have it published by the end of this year.

Poetry for Sylvia is a way of saying what she feels, how she sees the world, and a sharing of love, to try and bring more into the world. She also likes to put some humour into her poetry so she hopes this selection will reflect that range. 

You can also find Sylvia’s work on her website, Medium, Facebook and Amazon Page. Be sure to look at her current novels: The Musicians Muse, Black and White and Love and Chocolate.


Making Love

The Lessons From The Sea Mist

Instant Karma of USA

On the Beach in Moonlight

The Fire Draws Me Home

The Chocolate Musician

The Journey

Jewels in the Dust

Our Aging Lovers Embrace

My bared arms are now patched with pale and dark markings
yours are too, and both our backs are aching.
Even our eyebrows are turning whiter by the day,
yet I still hold you my love, in as firm an embrace as ever I could,
whispering our not so secret words of undying love.

Aging is not so cruel, it gives more than it takes,
a comfort in growing older, trusting in our shared companionship.
It is easy not to fear the future when I am with you,
to know that my soulmate is still there, for each of us
as we will continue to support and love until the end.